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Wail after Bombing

The US just bombed Syria. The latest in a long string of military strikes using violence to fight violence to bring “justice.” We keep trying the same solution seeking a different result. No wonder I kept crawling back into bed yesterday. I am in grief about the latest actions of the homeland I love. I … Continue reading

A Different Kind of Patriot

“On September 11, 2001, Dad began his three-week walk toward death. In life, Dad was in charge. But when his crisis hit, he began to let go. He was transformed by the process, and found a new way to live his dying. On the morning Dad found out he was dying, hijacked planes crashed into … Continue reading

Please, Not Another War

Please, Not Another War

“I hope we don’t go to war because of this.” After the horror of the Boston marathon bombing, this fear of national retaliation hovered in many conversations last week. It is hard enough to sort through the feelings about the death and injuries, but to simultaneously juggle the fear of war is too much. It … Continue reading