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Knowing What is True About Myself

I have been stumped about how to write what I want to say. As soon as I complete one paragraph, I know that the opposite has to be addressed. Therefore, I am writing “in conversation” across my paradoxes. I am a better partner in diverse collaborative ventures when I know for myself if I am … Continue reading

Deep Diving

I come alive when diving right into the middle of topics my father told me to avoid—money, race, religion, gender and politics. Not interested in locking horns or intellectual analysis, I want partners who seek root-level transformation—from personal to global. I am captivated by sharing and listening to a wide variety of personal stories and … Continue reading

One Author’s Paradox

I want to live my values, yet so many of my choices are complex, multi-layered. I will never be able to avoid this paradox, but it is important to me to keep asking the questions, noticing my inconsistencies, always seeking to bring my values more in alignment with my actions. For example, I buy locally; … Continue reading

Whale Blows, then Dives Deep

The moment my eyes open the old story— inflated, puffed up and glowing— shatters. I sit with a heart full of dread grief sorrow the ache pours out my eyes and belly. I want to rush ahead. How can I fix it? Make it OK again? Make this ache go away? Escape merely tightens the … Continue reading

It All Depends on My Perspective

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. This morning, the remainder of nine book-related events before the end of June set off my internal alarm system, waking me before dawn. Sitting in the Mercy Retreat Center chapel a few hours later, my perception shifted. How many people have the privilege of returning to places, people and organizations … Continue reading