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People keep coming, bringing flowers, candles, notes, posters, photographs. Silent. Some sitting in the grass around the central of several the ever-growing altars. Some with their backs to the flowers and candles, turning instead to the chalk-covered wall of words. Others picking up pieces of chalk and adding their words to the “wall” that begins … Continue reading

Wail after Bombing

The US just bombed Syria. The latest in a long string of military strikes using violence to fight violence to bring “justice.” We keep trying the same solution seeking a different result. No wonder I kept crawling back into bed yesterday. I am in grief about the latest actions of the homeland I love. I … Continue reading

Let Your Heart Break #4: Living While Dying

What can Dad’s walk toward death teach us about living? Thirteen years ago, as Dad lay dying, I watched the otters play in Monterey Bay and monarch butterflies fly around the bushes just outside his living room window. Leaving my brother and the Hospice workers with Dad, I walked along the shore to the neighborhood … Continue reading

Whale Blows, then Dives Deep

The moment my eyes open the old story— inflated, puffed up and glowing— shatters. I sit with a heart full of dread grief sorrow the ache pours out my eyes and belly. I want to rush ahead. How can I fix it? Make it OK again? Make this ache go away? Escape merely tightens the … Continue reading