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Stepping into What I Hated

I hated economics in college, yet most of my adult life has been diving deeply into money, class and economic justice. I hate fundraising, yet I have been part of Be Present, Inc.’s fundraising team for twelve years. Though I entered this field kicking and screaming, I’ve discovered that working with money offers an exquisite … Continue reading

Economic Justice: Beyond Just Words

It is easy to talk about economic justice. Living it within a diverse world is another matter altogether. The rules of the culture’s game are rigged where some have easy access to resources (jobs or foundation support), training (education at school or trainings) and publicity (ease of getting published or noticed by people of influence). … Continue reading

Money and Transformation: Diversity

Fundraising. Money. Economics. Strange topics for me. I hovered near the bottom of the sales list every year when my Girl Scout Troop sold cookies. I hated my economics class in college. Today, I struggle to keep putting myself out there to market my book, Big Topics at Midnight. Nevertheless, most of my life has … Continue reading