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From “Shut Up and Follow” to “Step Up and Lead”

There was a voice in my head that told me to shut up and follow. It was finally loud enough that I took notice when, during a cross-class Bible study on Jesus, Faith and Money, it bellowed inside me, “Why do you—a white, wealthy woman—think anyone could benefit from your ‘privileged’ perspective?” I shut up. … Continue reading

Who Knows the Way? Women Do.

The message flows from all corners of the world: This is the moment in history when women need to lead the way. This clarion call isn’t for women-only leadership. Or the well-worn way of ruling from the top. “Social justice activists and diverse communities are re-imagining and redefining what leadership means and which faces are … Continue reading

Little Topics in Wild Times

Life seems wooly and wild these days. Friends in crisis—financial and otherwise. Political polarity. It feels like the earth is shaking under our feet and the waves are crashing at the shores of our lives. I believe we are in a transition toward a new paradigm that is better than the old, but my question … Continue reading