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White Like Me in Times Like These

The news reports are always lurking at the edges of my mind; another white policeman kills an unarmed black man and no charges are filed. What does that have to do with me? I am a good person. Kind. Big hearted. My intent, even as a child, was to treat everyone equally. I don’t know … Continue reading

Risk Being Different

I spent last week supporting my daughter as she filed papers to end her five-year marriage. We stood solidly, side-by-side, without any hint of I-told-you-so—because of support I sought and received very early in their courtship. That support helped me to walk steady in our relationship despite the differences between what my daughter Laura wanted … Continue reading

Economic Justice: Beyond Just Words

It is easy to talk about economic justice. Living it within a diverse world is another matter altogether. The rules of the culture’s game are rigged where some have easy access to resources (jobs or foundation support), training (education at school or trainings) and publicity (ease of getting published or noticed by people of influence). … Continue reading

Money and Transformation: Diversity

Fundraising. Money. Economics. Strange topics for me. I hovered near the bottom of the sales list every year when my Girl Scout Troop sold cookies. I hated my economics class in college. Today, I struggle to keep putting myself out there to market my book, Big Topics at Midnight. Nevertheless, most of my life has … Continue reading

Who Knows the Way? Women Do.

The message flows from all corners of the world: This is the moment in history when women need to lead the way. This clarion call isn’t for women-only leadership. Or the well-worn way of ruling from the top. “Social justice activists and diverse communities are re-imagining and redefining what leadership means and which faces are … Continue reading

I’d Like to Thank the Academy

My favorite part of the Academy Awards is the thank you speeches.* I love watching someone take the stage amid cheers, take a deep breath and say a big grateful wow to all the work, support, energy and heart that led to that moment. I’m not sure I’ll ever be on an awards show, but … Continue reading


How do I begin to write about something as overwhelming as fracking? I have good reasons why I’ve been silent on paper so far. Swamped with Big Topics at Midnight and opening Big Topics Conversations. Overwhelmed whenever I remember that right now rock formations are being fractured through blasts of chemical-laden water in order to … Continue reading

Little Topics in Wild Times

Life seems wooly and wild these days. Friends in crisis—financial and otherwise. Political polarity. It feels like the earth is shaking under our feet and the waves are crashing at the shores of our lives. I believe we are in a transition toward a new paradigm that is better than the old, but my question … Continue reading

Swiss Cheese Woman

Before I can fully embrace the world’s diversity, I need to embrace myself in all of my diversity. Accepting who I am has been quite a journey. I stumble again and again. Below is an excerpt from Big Topics at Midnight where this question came into knife-sharp focus. “I flew into Atlanta for the next … Continue reading

A Year With Big Topics at Midnight

Big Topics at Midnight and I stepped out into the world together under last August’s Blue Moon in Portland, Oregon. Yesterday, the two of us juggled justice, soul and our world with thirty amazing people in Littleton, Massachusetts, on the afternoon of June’s full moon. In between these two events, we’ve been opening conversations together … Continue reading