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3:00 a.m.

I am no stranger to middle of the night risings. Too often I am wide awake at 3 or 4 a.m., filled with a mix of fear—of real possibilities or something wild from my imagination—and creativity. For much of the fall, however, I cozily slept past my usual time of night risings. That shifted after … Continue reading

Giving our Allegiance

It was a quiet statement, probably unnoticed by the people standing next to me. One hand holding the Sunday hymnal, one hand holding onto the church pew in front of me, knees shaking slightly at what felt like disobedience, I scanned the creeds and hymns to see which parts I could honestly say or sing. … Continue reading

Stepping into What I Hated

I hated economics in college, yet most of my adult life has been diving deeply into money, class and economic justice. I hate fundraising, yet I have been part of Be Present, Inc.’s fundraising team for twelve years. Though I entered this field kicking and screaming, I’ve discovered that working with money offers an exquisite … Continue reading

Anointing Ancestral Land

This was the first time I’d felt called to go on a spiritual pilgrimage. I needed to meet God on the land of my ancestors, trusting that this would help me step outside of my collapse with shame over the fact that they’d owned slaves. Within the week, I’d confirmed that my friend Alease Bess, … Continue reading

Inside and Outside

Working for justice in the world begins on the inside. We live in a culture addicted to power, growth and control. While these elements affect each of us differently, depending on our race, class or gender (among other things), they ultimately influence us all. In order to step outside of injustice and into the Kingdom … Continue reading

Deep Diving

I come alive when diving right into the middle of topics my father told me to avoid—money, race, religion, gender and politics. Not interested in locking horns or intellectual analysis, I want partners who seek root-level transformation—from personal to global. I am captivated by sharing and listening to a wide variety of personal stories and … Continue reading

Weaving in the Dark

I love the moon and the stars, but I am afraid to be out alone in the dark. My natural tendency is to be on alert for potential dangers, but that’s hard to manage when I can’t see anything. I love my gift of clarity—catching a glimpse of the potential of how things might unfold … Continue reading

Risk Being Different

I spent last week supporting my daughter as she filed papers to end her five-year marriage. We stood solidly, side-by-side, without any hint of I-told-you-so—because of support I sought and received very early in their courtship. That support helped me to walk steady in our relationship despite the differences between what my daughter Laura wanted … Continue reading

Living in the Midst of it All

Each time the wind blows, a handful of leaves dance and spin as they fall. As the world turns around the big topics, sometimes it’s the small details that matter. A cup of tea shared with Karyn after weeks on the road. The orange pumpkin at my neighbor’s door. Stepping into a steamy bath scented … Continue reading

Let Your Heart Break #3: Joy

Right in the middle of a blog series about death, I am heading into a wedding. It feels as if I should complete my series before I turn in another direction. But life doesn’t work like that. Death and birth. Crumbling and resurrection. Joy and sorrow. They weave in and out of each other on … Continue reading