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I’d Like to Thank the Academy

My favorite part of the Academy Awards is the thank you speeches.* I love watching someone take the stage amid cheers, take a deep breath and say a big grateful wow to all the work, support, energy and heart that led to that moment. I’m not sure I’ll ever be on an awards show, but … Continue reading

A Definitive Guide

Mother told me to define my terms. So here goes … Big Topics 1. Issues, subjects, matters great in dimensions, bulk or impact, not trendy topics, but those at the heart of the injustice. Melatonin in the skin. Bottom line in the bank. Y chromosome in the cells. At Midnight 1. The moment between the … Continue reading

Swiss Cheese Woman

Before I can fully embrace the world’s diversity, I need to embrace myself in all of my diversity. Accepting who I am has been quite a journey. I stumble again and again. Below is an excerpt from Big Topics at Midnight where this question came into knife-sharp focus. “I flew into Atlanta for the next … Continue reading

Memoir for Social Change: Memoir #5

It is easier for me to develop a theory about racism than it is to keep bringing my behavior into alignment with my values even as my understanding grows about race in my own head and in the world around me. Last March, Donna Britt (author of Brothers (and me)) and I brought our memoirs … Continue reading

Ancestors: Memoir #4

My ancestors’ “memoirs” intertwine with my story in Big Topics at Midnight. I have a few photos and letters, but all of my parents and grandparents have long since died. I know nothing of séances, nor have I had previous experience communicating with ancestors. But as I dove into my own life and the story … Continue reading

Two Peas in a Pod

People assumed that Big Topics at Midnight would want to have her picture taken beside an exotic umbrella drink with the Hawaiian ocean in the background. That may still happen, but I soon discovered that she was much more interested in being photographed while leaning against trees. Like Mother, like daughter. Neither one of us … Continue reading

Moon: Memoir #3

As I wrote Big Topics at Midnight, the moon waxed and waned across the pages. She was silently shinning over events in the lives of my family: My grandmother six generations back, the newly widowed Barbara, sat with her newborn and noted with gratitude, Mary Lou and the little sliver of a moon shinin’ outside … Continue reading

Nature: Memoir #2

For much of my life I agreed with Shakespeare that “all the world’s a stage,” a backdrop scene for life. Our house was built on the earth, and roads were the means to explore places near and far.  For me, real life happened mostly indoors. My language for natural activity included reading, writing, visiting with … Continue reading

Getting Naked: Memoir #1

I’m not fond of taking my clothes off in public. St. Francis did it when he renounced his father’s lifestyle and business and ran off into the wilderness. But I’m no saint. And yet I felt led to write one of the most revealing of books—a memoir. Not just one memoir, like a normal person … Continue reading