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Nothing Lasts Forever

  Nothing lasts forever; No one lives forever. Keep that in mind, and love.* These words have danced through my head all spring. For the last few months, almost a dozen friends and family have experienced a traumatic, life changing event. Sometimes resulting in death, but more often in an event that will change them … Continue reading

Steam Powered New Year’s Resolutions

Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions. However, this January demands more creativity than losing weight or exercising more. In a playful yet pointedly serious way, I penned my resolutions for 2017: ·      Find a balance between honoring my own personality and being respectful. The deep longing of my heart often crashes onto the scene … Continue reading

Cosmic Cowgirl

It’s a cowgirl’s dream—mine anyway. Sitting high in the saddle, one hand holding on for dear life while the other is waving about in glee. This is no ordinary horse I am riding. It is the planet Uranus. The far-out planet in our galaxy with a name that sounds like potty-humor but energetically represents cosmic … Continue reading

Weaving in the Dark

I love the moon and the stars, but I am afraid to be out alone in the dark. My natural tendency is to be on alert for potential dangers, but that’s hard to manage when I can’t see anything. I love my gift of clarity—catching a glimpse of the potential of how things might unfold … Continue reading

Who Am I? Two Versions

It all depends on how you want to tell the story. There are always multiple perspectives, multiple doorways into the tale. I often play with my bio. With a website, Linkedin, Facebook, blog (to name a few) there are so many opportunities for tweaking it. But I also have the bio that plays in my … Continue reading

Risk Being Different

I spent last week supporting my daughter as she filed papers to end her five-year marriage. We stood solidly, side-by-side, without any hint of I-told-you-so—because of support I sought and received very early in their courtship. That support helped me to walk steady in our relationship despite the differences between what my daughter Laura wanted … Continue reading

What do you do? Take 1

I used to hate that question. I’ve rarely had a simple answer. Physical Therapist worked for a decade. Mother. Retreat Leader. Board Member. None of those sounded normal and solid enough to be a “real” answer. I could have said I was a novice spiritual revolutionary, but that never occurred to me in my younger … Continue reading

Roots and Writing

It matters where my words take root. I will write anywhere inspiration hits—on a street corner, in the bathroom or while riding (not driving) in a car. I regularly slip off to Alivar Coffeehouse a few blocks away to do a bit of editing or play with an idea. But when I’m writing about big … Continue reading

I’d Like to Thank the Academy

My favorite part of the Academy Awards is the thank you speeches.* I love watching someone take the stage amid cheers, take a deep breath and say a big grateful wow to all the work, support, energy and heart that led to that moment. I’m not sure I’ll ever be on an awards show, but … Continue reading

A Definitive Guide

Mother told me to define my terms. So here goes … Big Topics 1. Issues, subjects, matters great in dimensions, bulk or impact, not trendy topics, but those at the heart of the injustice. Melatonin in the skin. Bottom line in the bank. Y chromosome in the cells. At Midnight 1. The moment between the … Continue reading