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Who Am I? Two Versions

It all depends on how you want to tell the story. There are always multiple perspectives, multiple doorways into the tale. I often play with my bio. With a website, Linkedin, Facebook, blog (to name a few) there are so many opportunities for tweaking it. But I also have the bio that plays in my … Continue reading

What Do You Do? (Take 2)

I’ve always hated the question, “What do you do?” So rarely could I fit into the little boxes of traditional jobs that I feared were the only acceptable answers. And here I am in a month’s long quest to answer that very question for myself. At sixty, however, I am willing to create my own … Continue reading

Let Your Heart Break #3: Joy

Right in the middle of a blog series about death, I am heading into a wedding. It feels as if I should complete my series before I turn in another direction. But life doesn’t work like that. Death and birth. Crumbling and resurrection. Joy and sorrow. They weave in and out of each other on … Continue reading

Money and Transformation: Diversity

Fundraising. Money. Economics. Strange topics for me. I hovered near the bottom of the sales list every year when my Girl Scout Troop sold cookies. I hated my economics class in college. Today, I struggle to keep putting myself out there to market my book, Big Topics at Midnight. Nevertheless, most of my life has … Continue reading

Small Topics at Midnight: Behind and Under

Compost worked deep within the field. A young girl standing tall on top of a 1954 Chevy. Little videos have their own stories to tell. Next year’s harvest depends on rich compost today. A book cover in 2012 requires a snapshot taken over fifty years earlier. Past and future, light and dark—paradoxes meet in the … Continue reading

Rising Up With a Little Kick-Ass Help

I know Nancy signed her name to this blog, but mind you she wouldn’t be speaking today if it wasn’t for me—Hectate. I’ve been at her side all her life, but she didn’t notice me.  She was sweet, nice and very helpful. A few years ago I took hold of her ovaries, woke her up … Continue reading

Eight-Eyed Steam Girl—That’s Me

I’ve already come out of the closet as someone who listens for the voices of my ancestors, the moon, rocks and water, and then writes down what I hear. So I suspect you won’t be surprised to find out that I take dictation from other voices, too. The process of listening for truths that lie … Continue reading

Roots and Writing

It matters where my words take root. I will write anywhere inspiration hits—on a street corner, in the bathroom or while riding (not driving) in a car. I regularly slip off to Alivar Coffeehouse a few blocks away to do a bit of editing or play with an idea. But when I’m writing about big … Continue reading

I’d Like to Thank the Academy

My favorite part of the Academy Awards is the thank you speeches.* I love watching someone take the stage amid cheers, take a deep breath and say a big grateful wow to all the work, support, energy and heart that led to that moment. I’m not sure I’ll ever be on an awards show, but … Continue reading

Listen Up, Honey-Bunchkins

I was stuck. Defeated. Hiding under Mom’s blue afghan. Luckily I’d “met” a character that could give me just the shove I needed—Hectate, my own combination of the goddess Hecate and my wise inner guide with an attitude the size of Texas. Hectate, never one to mince words, demanded that I get up and do … Continue reading