Cosmic Cowgirl

UranusIt’s a cowgirl’s dream—mine anyway. Sitting high in the saddle, one hand holding on for dear life while the other is waving about in glee.

This is no ordinary horse I am riding. It is the planet Uranus. The far-out planet in our galaxy with a name that sounds like potty-humor but energetically represents cosmic revolutionary energy.

No wonder I have to work so hard to stay in the saddle.

The stars and meteors might scare some cowgirls, but I feel like I’m in paradise. Speeding through the Milky Way in the midst of a universe wider than my imagination, I can see the whole shebang: The shimmering possibilities. The horrifying consequences of human greed for the last few hundred years. I can see it all written on the surface of that fragile island, our earthly home.

I ride through outer space and inner space at the same moment. Bucking over bright Sirius heading toward Orion, then walking down Halsey Street admiring the outrageous pink and purple of the blooming azaleas.

It’s not easy to live galloping through the universe and walking on earth in the same instant—caring passionately about cosmic revolution and personal transformation with each step.Cowgirl

The thought of sitting in a “real” saddle makes my hips ache. Roller coasters or speeding cars terrify me. While I may be a scaredy-cat who likes physical comfort, this time I ride through the cosmos with ease.

How about you?

Are you a wilder explorer than folks around you would ever imagine? Do you ride high in the saddle? What are you discovering? Do you like to traipse around in two different places at the same time?

Life is too short not to take our own personal adventures. Yippee-ti-yie-yay.

I like to play and work my way around the big topics. That’s why I had to include myself in my book–Big Topics at Midnight: A Texas Girl Wakes Up to Race, Class, Gender and Herself.