What Kind of White Person Are You?

Jennifer Harvey is in the middle of an excellent series on white people (like Jennifer and I). She walks straight into the middle of the big topic of racism without flinching, with huge compassion and with powerful ideas for change.

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I’m thinking about Malcolm X today.

Remember his famous response to the white guy in the car? The guy who leaned out his car window, grinning, and asked “do you mind shaking hands with a white man?”

Malcolm X responded “I don’t mind shaking hands with human beings. Are you one?”

Now, I’m not one to quibble with Malcolm X. But before white folk can answer that question there’s another one we have to answer first.

That is, “What Kind of White Person Am I?”

And here’s how my train of thought went . . .

 1. I just watched this report by Anderson Cooper on children’s perception of race.

Much of it’s depressing. So before you watch it, please take a breath and repeat the following mantra after me “Despair is not an option.” [Repeat 3x.] (A lot of times true accounts of how deep and thick racism…

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