What Would Grandma Say about This?

Grandmother Ann Cahoon (Mathys)

Grandmother Ann Cahoon (Mathys)

Grandmother Ruth Owen (Tipps)

Grandmother Ruth Owen (Tipps)

I am delighted that death didn’t stop my grandmothers from telling me about their lives. Fact and intuition, family stories and playful imagination came together for me as I wrote Big Topics at Midnight.  In this fifth YouTube video, I explore how I gained a deeper understand of my roots and when I turned an ear to generations long past.

No special training was required. Just a willingness to set aside my skeptical mind and listen with an open heart. You too can tap into the wisdom of your past, to uncover both the mistakes and marvels of your family history, and to see your life as connected to generations yet to come.

My grandmothers Ann Cahoon Mathys and Ruth Owen Tipps both both had their photographs taken in the same position sitting on a rock.  Ann was teaching in California and Ruth was living in Texas at the time. They wanted to give you a glimpse of their love of dance (Ann) and story-telling (Ruth) here. I love sharing a website with family writings and photographs across the generations.

For more videos poke around my website or visit my YouTube Channel.

2 thoughts on “What Would Grandma Say about This?

  1. this was great and I FINALLY went to the YouTUBE etc. what great work you are doing! see you soon. Brenda

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