Medium Topics after Noon: A Texas Girl Takes a Nap

The Big Topics are exploding everywhere. These days it seems that violence and chaos clang as loudly as last week’s Christmas Carols and today’s New Year’s Greetings.

Evening darkness will gather soon—a little after four in the afternoon here in Portland, OR. The ground is still soggy from weeks of rain.  It’s cold and cloudy.

It must be time to take a nap.  Times like these require an extra dose of self-care even as inner voices shout that the needs of the world and my life are too demanding to stop for a while.

Today, I will head the call.

Take a bath.  Lie down in the middle of the day.  Feel the earth under my feet.  Remember my connection to Spirit.  Listen.  Or prop up my feet and read a good book.

The old is crumbling and the new is slowly emerging.  Transition, in birthing children or thriving communities, is wild.  But, for now, right after high noon, rest is needed.

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